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RF Antenna and Front-End Design


The full stack development from the concept up to the implementation of the fabrication process for:

  • Embedded and external antennas
  • Antenna arrays 
  • Environment Influence and scenario analysis
  • Matching networks and Front-End design
  • RF Devices: Low-Noise Amplifiers, Filters, antenna arrays, baluns, couplers, etc.
  • Analysis and solving of EMC and Surge protection problems
  • Preparing for FCC and CE certification
  • Optimization of production tolerances and yield 
  • Frequencies range form KHz up to 100GHz


Our specialists are taking care about high performance, compact size, enclosure influence control, production tolerances and power consumption.We design our devices for the real case scenarios.


Our tools and know-how are dedicated for:

  • System analysis and requirement analysis
  • Linear, non-linear circuit simulation
  • Electro-magnetic analysis
  • 3D design and prototyping


Our applications.

We offer requirement analysis and development of analogue design and system integration for 3/4/5G communication standarts as well as for upcomming 6G standard and radars.

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