AG RF Engineering & Consulting
AG RF Engineering                                 & Consulting

RF Antenna and Front-End Design

for 5G and IOT


Our company provides rf and mmWave electronic development for the modern telecommunication and sensor industries. We develop products starting from the project concept, through design and modeling, up to the fabrication and sysetm deployment. Our team has many years experience and many of successful projects with big as well as with small customers, from the KHz up to uWave frequencies. We provide our customers with key success factors for the currently growing Telecom, IoT and Industry 4.0 markets. Where, the RF performance became the key to the high-quality of the product with high rf-link distance, battery life as well as good electro-magnetic compatibility. Our expertise let us analyse, design and improve products on many technological levels: chip, package, PCB, system.


We offer:

  • Antenna design or optimization
  • Environment influence and different use-scenarios analysis
  • Design and optimization of
    • Low-Noise Amplifiers, Filters, matching circuits
  • Tolerance analysis and yield optimization
  • EMC, SI and PI problem analysis and solutions
  • Surge protection problems
  • Preparing for FCC and CE certification preparation 
  • Frequencies form DC up to 100GHz


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