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IoT Clock 2.0

IoT Clock 2.0  - the IoT hub with smart home out of the box solution.

Connect it to your router and control the clima in your home or office via Smartphone. 

  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) or GSM interface
  • Capacitive touch-wood interface
  • Temperature, Humodity, Air pressure
  • Gas sensors (CO, CO2, NO, Propan, Alcohol, ...)
  • Voice info and environment monitoring with recomendations
  • MQTT, HTTP, ThingSpeak interfaces
  • Time synchronisation over internet

Appliucations: home, office, business automations, gas leakage monitoring


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IoT Soil Moisture Sense

No underwating and overwating issues anymore. Control many flowers in and place at the same time

  • Only Wi-Fi is required
  • MQTT, HTTP, ThingSpeak interfaces
  • Telegram alarm for underwatering and overwatering
  • Calibration of the moisture level for different soil types
  • 350mAh accu up to 1 year of work per charge

Applications: private/industrial garden, facility management

This is the voice of your garden!


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IoT Clima Sense

Environment Wi-Fi sensor for inddor

  • Temperature, Humidity, Air presure (with sensor from Bosh)
  • Telegram alarm
  • MQTT, HTTP, ThingSpeak
  • 350mAh accu for up to 1 year of working time


    home - children room, kitchen, garden/atrium, fungus prevention - bath, basement, winodows, etc.

    industrial - fungus prevention, environmental clima control for people or equipment, weather prediction, etc.


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IoT Button

Send a signal to you, your friends, your customers or suppliers. Connect to other things.

Compact, autonome, Wi-Fi

  • 2 type of clicks: single-, double-, long-click
  • Telegram, MQTT, HTTP, Thingspeak
  • Stand alone
  • Integration into Smart Hubs
  • 350mAh akku for >1000 clicks


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