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Clock 2.0

Clocks 2.0 wifi - the new generation clocks with IoT 

  • Synced Time and Alarm
  • Temperature, Humodity, Air pressure sensors
  • Gas sensors (CO, CO2, NO, Propan, Alcohol, ...)
  • TouchWood interface
  • External sensors ecosystem
  • Health-Zone indication 
  • Voice interface (option)

Connect it to your router and see and control environment in your home or office on your Smartphone or Desktop. Get recomendations to your environment.

Supports ThingSpeak, Telegram, etc.


WiFi Button

Mobile, compact, in cool design.

Send a signal to your system. This can be email, SMS to your friend or signal to your home to warm up. Stay in touch, control or just give a signal that you are fine.


IoT Relay

Control for IoT system.

Your system can control electrical devices connected to IoT network.


IoT Sense

Environment data sensor for IoT system

Temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 concentration, electric field detection can be controlled.


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IoT Button 1.2 (WIFI b/g/n)
( Exkl. Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten )

Supports Telegram, ThingSpeak and custom URLs. Single, double, long-click. Embedded rechargeable battery. Charging with micro-USB cable, power save mode.

from 10 pcs.


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