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S-Parameter File Viewer

RF&mmWave Tool

S-Parameters  from touchstone format for Measurements and Simulation of HF circuits.


For extensions: S1P, S2P S3P, .., SNP

OnlyOffice Widget

PM Team Tool

Organize tasks and Projects using Desktop Client for OnlyOffice Collaboration Platform.

Adds easy time tracking and Invoice generation to OO

AWR Doc-Generator

EDA documentation Tool

Generates design documentation for AWR VSS/MWO project.

  • Schematics, Layouts (2D and 3D vies),EM Structures with mesh and Rad.Patterns, System Diagrams, Graphs into word or PPT format.
  • Ongoing: BOM (Bill of Materials) and Pick&Place generation, Complane tables (Result vs. Goal)


PiP function for


Keep any RTF memo always on top of all other windows on your desktop. It exchanges the need of the second screen in many cases.

This fuctionality can't be found in most of other note tools

MWO 3D OBJ Export

See your MWO design in 3D CAD Software

Program enables export of 2.5D layout into 3D CADs through OBJ file export


Extend your MWO capabilities

Use AutoCad like command line interface in AWR MWO/VSS

Gerber Importer for AWR MWO

Simple and powerful Gerber Format Importer for AWR Microwave Office

Import of production files in Microwave office

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