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We provide antenna designs and ready antenna and antenna systems for telecomminucation and radars branches.

Our antennas provide best performance in gain, radiation efficiency, badwidth and EMC.


  • 2.4/5GHz WIFI Antennas
  • LTE/4/5G Antennas
  • Radar antenna design services
  • SubGHz antennas - TV, etc.

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Low Noise Amplifiers


LNAs are essential components of any RF system responsible for Signal to Noice ratio and Sensitivity of wireless or cable tranceiver.




Our LNAs are designed with high quality components, optimized due to presise EDA modelling and measurement tests in lab and in final applications. They are optimized with application impedance or matched with particular antenna.


  • 20MHz-1GHz  Low-Noise Amplifiers for FM/TV applications
  • GPS LNAs
  • WIFI 2.4/5GHz amplifiers
  • LTE/3G/4G amplifiers - 1.7-2.1GHz, 3.3GHz
  • mmWave LNAs design services - 11GHz, 24GHz, 28GHz, etc.

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RF Filters, Duplexers


RF Filters supreses unwaned blocks, noice and mirror channel in RX channel or harmonics in TX channel or RF tranceiver. Required fulfill international regulation standard or FCC, IEC, etc.


We develop filters of different types (Band-, Low, High-pass filter, rejection, as well as duplexers) and implement them in PCB, LTCC or available other technologies. Verify them in lab and final application, optimize production yield according to component and production tolerances.


Possible applications:

  • Broadcast TV, FM, CATV

  • WIFI, LTE, GSM and other telecommunication systems

  • GPS

  • Measurement and medical equipment

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