RF & mmWave products



We provide antenna designs and ready antenna and antenna systems for telecomminucation and radars branches.

Our antennas provide best performance in gain, radiation efficiency, badwidth and EMC.

  • 2.4/5GHz WIFI Antennas
  • LTE/4/5G Antennas
  • Radar antenna design services
  • SubGHz antennas - TV, etc.



Low Noise Amplifiers


LNAs  together with antenna are the most sensitive parts of any RF receiver with abiggest impact on the SNR. 

The right design with high quality compoents and verified design in the right matching, EMC and power noise aspecs defines the sensitivity, power consumption and battery file of the end-device.

We are offering LNAs for following applications

  • GPS, LTE/3G/4G/5G, WI-Fi/BT, IoT-Lora, ZigBee, DVBT and CATTV
  • as well as mmWave LNAs design services for other applications



RF Filters, Duplexers, Splitters


The next possibility to reduce the noise and increase the SNR.

We are offering the following filter types:


  • Lumped components RF filters - LPF, BPF, HPF and Rejection filters
  • Power supply filters - this type of filter protects and stabilizes the biase voltage and reduces the power noise
  • SAW filters and duplexers - the filter type with extremly high rejection, are typically used for 3G/4G networks and GPS
  • Applications: 3/4/5G, GPS, IoT, Measurement and medical equipmen, EMC Harmonics and ESD supression​

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