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AWR Report Generator

Category: AWR Add-On

Purpose: Generates technical reports for AWR MWO/VSS projects







 Generating of reports for:

     - Schematic, Layout, 3D Layout, System Diagram, EM Structures: 2D, 3D View, Mesh, currents and Radiation Pattern

    - Measurement graphs

    - Output Formats: MS Word, Power Point


    - Auto-Save, Send-per-EMail after simulation

   - CAM-data generation

   - BOM (Bill of Materials) - list of used components with orderable part numbers

   - Pick&Place - information for pick and place machine


Ongoing features:

  - Layer by Layer layout report

   - Result vs. Goal shows design status vs specification



  • Results sharing (fast, the same standard format, with same look and feel)
  • Engineering book - development process documentation. Can be required for sufficient ISO9001 or similar sertification
  • Remote or long time simulation (EM, Transient), sending final results as report via E-Mail
  • Generation of supporting documentation for PCB supplier: BOM, P&P, PCB Description (Stack-Up, Pictures, Materials)
  • Viewing and documenting of the AWR project content not requiring the MWO/VSS licenses!
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AWR Doc Generator v1.0.x for MWO and VSS projects.
Generation of Reports, BOM, P&P, auto save (activity booking), auto send per email after simulation.
Use current promotional price.


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