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EDA Models

Models for EDA library

Your design starts from correct CAD models for design, simulation and manufacturing setups

Our EDA and CAD Model services:

  • 3D CAD Models and 3D Prints
  • EM-based SPICE models
  • Touchstone models from measurements
  • RF Footprints and Layout blocks
  • PCB Footprints (IPC norm)
  • EDA component Libraries and Process libraries (PDK)

Customer benefits:

  • High quality CAD and simulation models for any design system
  • Fast design start with proper components
  • Further support and verification services


EDA Models ServiceModels Services

RF Design Service

Development of analog and digital wireless electronics according to the customer specification.

Development of RF front-end electronics for telecommunication and sensors.

Customer benefits:

  • Project planning and controlling
  • Innovative development methods
  • Orientation on customer requirements
  • 15 years of RF experience


RF Design

Design Verification

Design Verification

Test the fuctionality and robustness of your design before manufacturing and optimize it for high end performance.

Our verification services:

  • RF System Verification on the System and Circuit Levels
  • 3D EM Simulation for RF and digital systems
  • Antenna Simulation
  • Thermal and Mechanical Verification
  • Signal Integrity Analysis for High Speed Signals
  • EMC Analysis

Customer advantages:

  • You are coming ahead of your competitors due to shorter design cycle and time-to-market time
  • Provide your customers optimal performance of your product
  • Know the limits of your system

Verification Services

RF Software Solutions

Missing features in EDA and CAD tools braking down the development process. Add-Ins automate routine manual work and make design process faster and more efficient.


General productivity apps:

  • Memo on Top - Picture-in-Picture tool for windows desktop
  • XML File tagging - alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint technology

Apps for AWR MWO:

  • Schematic: Components Search, Nets Annotation
  • Layout: Fast layer manager, Auto-Ground
  • CAM: BOM, P&P generation
  • Interfaces: Gerber import, Eagle Comunicator, HFSS Export, other
  • Signal Integrity Analysis Package: Net Annotation, Layout to Schematic Interconnect

AWR Extentions

PDK Development

PDK Design

Process Design Kit (PDK) organizes development process including most common design data: Layout rules, components, Footprints, 3D Information, Manufacturing data, etc. What is extremely important for team work and minimizing of double effort.

PDKs available:

  • RF PCB Process
  • LTCC Design Process
  • Laminate Design Process
  • Leadframe Design/Simulation Process
  • Provides full design flow including Schematic, Layout, Simulation Extraction and Production Automation

Customer benefits:

  • Fast kick-off time of projects
  • Strong automation of design processes
  • Interoperability with CAM systems
  • Easy sharing and team communication for technical topics
  • Advanced design models

Design Processes

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