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CAM Library models

Your design starts from correct CAD models for design, simulation and manufacturing setups

Our EDA and CAD Model services:

  • 3D CAD Models and 3D Prints
  • EM-based SPICE models
  • Touchstone models from measurements
  • RF Footprints and Layout blocks
  • PCB Footprints (IPC norm)
  • EDA component Libraries and Process libraries (PDK)

Customer benefits:

  • High quality CAD and simulation models for any design system
  • Fast design start with proper components
  • Further support and verification services


EDA Models ServiceModels Services

Design Verification

Design Verification

Test the fuctionality and robustness of your design before manufacturing and optimize it for high end performance.

Our verification services:

  • RF System Verification on the System and Circuit Levels
  • 3D EM Simulation for RF and digital systems
  • Antenna Simulation
  • Thermal and Mechanical Verification
  • Signal Integrity Analysis for High Speed Signals
  • EMC Analysis

Customer advantages:

  • You are coming ahead of your competitors due to shorter design cycle and time-to-market time
  • Provide your customers optimal performance of your product
  • Know the limits of your system

Verification Services

Software Solutions

Missing features in EDA and CAD tools braking down the development process. Add-Ins automate routine manual work and make design process faster and more efficient.


General productivity apps:

  • Memo on Top - Picture-in-Picture tool for windows desktop
  • XML File tagging - alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint technology

Apps for AWR MWO:

  • Schematic: Components Search, Nets Annotation
  • Layout: Fast layer manager, Auto-Ground
  • CAM: BOM, P&P generation
  • Interfaces: Gerber import, Eagle Comunicator, HFSS Export, other
  • Signal Integrity Analysis Package: Net Annotation, Layout to Schematic Interconnect

AWR Extentions

Development of analog and digital wireless electronics according to the customer specification

Development of RF front-end electronics for telecommunication and sensors.

Customer benefits:

  • Project planning and controlling
  • Innovative development methods
  • Orientation on customer requirements
  • 15 years of RF experience


RF Design

PDK Design

Process Design Kit (PDK) organizes development process including most common design data: Layout rules, components, Footprints, 3D Information, Manufacturing data, etc. What is extremely important for team work and minimizing of double effort.

PDKs available:

  • RF PCB Process
  • LTCC Design Process
  • Laminate Design Process
  • Leadframe Design/Simulation Process
  • Provides full design flow including Schematic, Layout, Simulation Extraction and Production Automation

Customer benefits:

  • Fast kick-off time of projects
  • Strong automation of design processes
  • Interoperability with CAM systems
  • Easy sharing and team communication for technical topics
  • Advanced design models

Design Processes

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