S-Parameters viewer Tool


(full matrix View, Goals, Statistics, Yield and SI Analysis)


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(Limited ports and curves number)

Innovative view and analysis of S-Parameters

RF, mmWave, Signal and power integrity application


Verion 2.0 (beta) with Statistical Analysis is available now

  • Do you want view measurement or simulation results from high-frequency circuit?
  • But, do not have a commercial tool license like MWO or ADS to view it?

Then you need this tool!


  • Formats: S1P, S2P S3P, .., SNP
  • S-matrix coefficients as graphs
  • Full matrix view vs frequency
  • See equivalent inductance and capacitance
  • More, less highlighting


  • Antenna , rf filter, matching, LNA, PA, mixer design and measurments
  • Signal and power integrity analysis
  • View of measurement or simulation results 
  • S-Parameters comparing
  • Design vs Goals comparing
  • Analysis of signal integrity issues


  • Magnitude, dB, angle, real and imaginary parts
  • Equivalent L, C for impedance and cross-talks analysis
  • Add measurements directly from matrix

Missing a feature

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  • henry (Montag, 18. Mai 2020 05:17)

    very good program

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