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Desktop client for OnlyOffice

Smooth team-work tool


Minimalistic and powerfull tool which let you manage your work or work of your team on PC in only few clicks

  • It lets you:
    • Add Project
    • Add/Edit task
    • Start/Stop time tracking
    • Notations on the open/overdue tasks
    • Fast project KPIs view
    • New project accounting reports missing in original tool
  • No more slow and poor web engines
  • No browser time delays anymore
  • Search text
  • Diverse new views 
  • Easy edit of project and task properties
  • New! Invoices and load plans generation
  • Extremly fast

Other features:

  • Supports cloud and free community versions
  • Overview of projects with basic KPI metrics
  • Diverse task views
  • Generation of the invoice, overdue tasks
  • Live reminders for employees
  • Customization and implementation of new features on-demand


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