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Wideband Isotropic Butterfly Antennas Line

5G-NR Sub6 RF Butterfly Universal Antennas Line for 700/900/1800/2100/2600/3600MHz 2-3dBi

This antenna is designed for optimal LTE reception on three LTE/5G-NR Sub6 frequency channels. The antenna has wideband matching and can operate with other RF signals between 470 and 3000/5000 MHz (GSM, WiFi, T2, 3.5GHz) with a slight degradated efficiency. The antenna has a very thin profile and uses lightweight materials. The modern design, can be installed horizontally or vertically (placed on the wall, mounted on a pipe, or rack on the table) or optionally mounted directly on the connector of the 5G/SDR/TV transceiver. The outdoor version uses enclosure to avoid the moisture influence as an option.

Application: LTE, 5G-NR Sub6, Wi-Fi, SDR scan, other signals operating in the frequency range (470-3000/5000 MHz)



5GHz directed antenna


  • Bandwidth: 5.1-5.9GHz
  • Gain: 11dB
  • Connector: SMA
  • Size: 10x5.5x0.8cm

Application: Wi-Fi 5GHz, Drone, other in 5GHz range

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