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External antennas

AGRF Engineering provides high performance antennas for stable RF connection and low battery consumption. 


External antennas:

  • 3G/4G LTE Uda-Yagi  - 11dBi gain, 1.7-2.2GHz Bandwidth, linear polarization
  • WiFi/4G Patch  Array  - 9dBi gain,    2.3 -2.7GHz Bandwidth, circ. polarization
  • WiFi 2.4GHz patch     - 8dBi gain,   2.4-2.5GHz Bandwidth, linear polarization
  • Wideband 300MHz-3GHz bow-tie antenna 


  • RF Link extension
  • RF Power boosters
  • SDR receivers and transmitters 
  • Information protection using space divercity
  • Spy-bugs detection sand radio chuligans detection
  • RC models range extension


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Embedded SMD antennas

Chip&Cheap SMD antennas:

  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/WiMax  - 0.5dBi gain, 2.3-2.6GHz, linear polarization
  • LTE/UMTS                     - 0.5dBi gain,1.8-2.2GHz, linear polarization
  • 5G - 3.5GHz SMD         - 1dBi gain, 3.4-3.8GHz, linear polarization
  • Evaluation board for tests is included


  • PCB design with wireless Front-End
  • IoT and Industry 4.0 devices
  • Smart-home devices with long battery life requirements
  • RC Models control

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