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EM-based SPICE Extraction

From traces to EM Spice Extraction of PCB traces to EM Spice

EM-SPICE is compact, feasible and highly presize equivalent circuit schematic for design geometries available in many text and EDA formats

  • High level of precision
    • Precision is close to the EM simulation model
    • Difference between EM and Spice is around -60dB
  • Wide frequency and impedance range
    • Frequencies up to x10 of GHz
    • ~0, 50, 75, 300 Ohm, 1KOhm correct behaviour
  • ​Compact size
    • Low number or componentes thanks low ​redundancy high to high interpolation efficiency
  • Physical feasibility
    • Elements of SPICE netlist have clear physical meaning what reduces redundancy
EM Spice vs EM on Smith Chart (0-6GHz) EM Spice vs EM on Smith Chart (0-6GHz)


EM-Spice extracted from:

  • PCB traces and transisions
  • Connectors
  • Package (Leadframes, Leadless or Through-hole)
  • LTCC and Laminate design parts
  • As part of semiconductor model presenting package

EM-Spice can be used in:

  • Signal Integrity simulation of transition processes in digital circuits
  • Analog circuits simulation in spice simulators in time and frequency domain
  • As part of complex Spice or IBIS models i.e. vendor components
  • Power integrity and EMC issues simulation

Customer benefits from:

  • Compact and lightweight for simulator comparing with touchstone or auto-extracted spice
  • Physical components presenting layout and parasitics
  • The model provides understanding what happens inside
  • Has encryption possibility
  • Very high precision with compact size
  • High frequency range - the highest frequency depends on customer requirements
Eye diagram from Signal Integrity analysis Example Eye diagram from Signal Integrity analysis Example

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Error of EM vs EM-SPice example (0-6GHz) Error of EM vs EM-Spice example (0-6GHz)
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