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RF & Microwave products


Our products are dedicated to cutting-edge RF applications like 4/5G and IoT design. We pay attention on "integrability", innovation and outstanding performance of our products. That provide high ROI and market advantages due our know-how, use of high quality components and testing

RF CAD models

IoT Products


Smart-Home and Industry 4.0 devices

Our IoT devices working alone or as a network with simple interfaces and small setup efforts 

  • Clock 2.0 Wi-Fi or GSM
  • Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor
  • Wi-Fi home microclima sensor
  • Vibration and movement detection (ongoing)
  • Wi-Fi Button

EDA/CAD Software


Our own tools and EDA solutions for wireless design and team collaboration with leading design systems of the world


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Tel (Ukr): +38 (050) 970 42 73

Tel (Ger): +49 (0) 176 498 682 97

Skype: Andrey.Gordiyenko

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