Design parts

Component Libraries and PDKs

We provide component libraries for component vendors and internal design purpose.

Target Tools:

  • Altium, Eagle
  • other

PDK (Process Development Kit) is advanced type of library including components and most required design set-ups

Typical PDKs content:

  • SMD or chip components
  • Process layers
  • Line types with stack-ups and drawing rules
  • DRC
  • Import/export mappings
  • Add-Ons

EM/Spice Models Extraction

  • Quality comparable with S-parameters simulation
  • HF and DC Spice extraction providing broadband high industry leading (-50dB) accuracy for Microwave frequencies (DC-60GHz).

Technologies: PCB, LTCC, Laminate. Leadframe, Semiconductors)


  • Netlists
  • Feasible equivalent schematic
  • Source EM simulation


  • Vendor libraries and PDK
  • High accuracy schematic simulation
  • Taking in accound of PCB influence
  • mmWave design and/or Signal Integrity Analysis
    • S-parameters, AMtoAM, AMtoPM
    • Circuit Analysis
    • Eye diagrams
  • Understanding of parasitic effects​
SOT23 Footprint SOT23 Footprint in MWO

IPC-7351B PCB Footprints Service


Professional footprints of any complexity according to the IPC-7351B Standard

  • Tools: Altium, Cadence, Mentor, MWO, ADS, Eagle
  • Genral formats: DXF, GDSII, Step, SAT,...
  • Technologies: PCB, Laminate, LTCC, HTCC
  • Sizes: Least, Most, Norm, Custom
  • All required layers (Metal, Solder Mask, Solder Paste, Silk Screen, ...)

Footprint Services

Reference Layouts

We provide reference design in dedicated tools or in general formats, which can be integrated to any design with minimum effort and without significant RF knowledge. These models are perfect for digital or low-frequency analog designers who want to use RF compoents in their design.

End design tools:

  • Cadence, Mentor, Altium, Eagle, Zuken
  • ADS

EDA automations

Electronic Design Automation for design flow reducing manual work, stable process and smooth fast work process.

Design Add-Ons are:

  • Import/Export tools - reduce exchange efforts
  • Schematic and simulation tools - automate search, annotate, report and other tasks
  • Layout tools - for auto-placement, search and geometry manipulation
  • Auto-Documentation - puts results of intermediate or final design state to documentation

All these EDA tools speed-up design process and short product to market time.



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