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Low-Noise Amplifiers


We design Low-Noise-Amplifiers for wide range of application with optimal balance of SNR, Bandwidth and Gain.


Benefit from our experience in LNA design using existring models or request a quote for a custom LNA design.


Depending on application, we provide amplifiers with:

  • SMA, F-type or BNC connectors
  • Symetric or single input/output
  • Bare PCB, using our proprier encloseure or standard cases


Main optimization parameters:

  • Low Noise Figure
  • Amplification 
  • Reflection loss
  • Impedance matching application (50, 75, 300)
  • P1DB and IP3 for low non-linear distortion

Request LNA Info and Quotes

The prformance of your Front-End can be improved using following components

Filters available as in stand alone version as in module version including LNA


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