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Low-Noise Amplifiers


High quality LNA is essential part of modern wireless systems, like 3/4/5G, DVBT, wireless sensors, as well as mediacal and measurement equipment.

The quality of the LNA has dramatic influence on the receive signal strenght, lenght of the radio-link and battery life time.


We provide following customer LNAs as:

  • Transistor or MMIC LNAs
  • Types:
    • Wideband 20MHz-4GHz for DVBT, SDRs or time-domain measurements
    • Narrowband - for wireless sensors
  • Gain: 10-40dB
  • NF: from 0.8dB
  • Frequencies:
    • up to 6GHz on FR4
    • Rogers4350B up to 30GHz
    • Rogers3003 up to 70GHz
  • Connectors: SMA, BNC, TNC, other on request
  • Symetric or single input/output
  • Bare PCB, using our proprier encloseure or standard cases


Available models:

  • Wideband LNA for TV/FM, GSM900 and measurement and other applications up to 1GHz
    • 20MHz-1GHz bandwidth
    • 40dB Gain (max)
    • NF-1.2dB (min)
    • Work impedance - 50/75Ohm
    • Connectors: SMA or BNC
    • Power supply: 12/5V
  • Wideband LNA up to 3GHz
    • 20MHz-3GHz Bandwidth
    • 18dB Gain
    • NF - 1dB (min)
    • Work impedance - 50Ohm
    • Connectors: SMA
    • Power Supply: 5V

Other parameters on request on request (S11, P1dB, etc)


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