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Getting started guide for AWR Microwave Office

Das Dokument macht Einführung in Simulation mit EDA Paket Microwave Office von Firma AWR Inc. Man bekommt Überblick über Interface und Eigenschaften von Design Umgebung. Die Unterschiede und Vorteile gegenüber sämtlichen HF EDA Werkzeugen werden erklärt, wie z.B. Unified-Database Ansatz und kein Bedarf an Back-Annotations.  Solche Erklärungen in AWR Hilfe sind schwer zu finden.


The document makes introduction to HF simulation with EDA package "Microwave Office" from AWR Inc. One gets overview of main features of design environment and user interface. Differences and advantages of AWR design package comparing to other EDA tools are highlighted, like unified database annotation, which eliminates need in back-annotations between layout and schematic. Such an explanation of basic principles is missed in original AWR help, for some reason.

This getting started guide makes short introduction to AWR design environment and gives overview of work-flow and advantages in this design tool.
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