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Keep your plants healthy with the Smart Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor

The Smart Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor is a novel smart-home device for your home-garden, which keeps your plants healthy and let you control their moisture level from anywhere around the world.

The sensor sends you the status of the plant soil over Wi-Fi network. It's possible also to add it to existing SmartHome environment with standard protocols. You do not need to install any expensive IoT system to use it.

You need only Wi-Fi, your mobile phone or PC to use it.

Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor v1.1
20,00 EUR
( Exkl. Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten )

Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor with support of messages in Telegram, ThingSpeak, HTTP and MQTT protocols.


Features overview

The gadget is especially useful for remote control of the plant moisture for:

  • Private users without especial technical skills as well as for professionals
  • Homes, offices, gardens
  • If you use covering décor like stones, seashells, glass stones or other
  • The plant is in difficult to reach place (on the high shelfs for example)
  • For facility management and controlling
  • Can be an original and innovative gift, present or award
  • You do not have an installed IoT system but want to control watering good and cheap solution

Rechargeable Battery: The device has the rechargeable battery and allows up to 1000 messages and up to more then 1 year of the operation time per one charge. The charging is done via the standard micro-USB interface with a standard mobile phone charger. Pro: You do not need to buy the batteries or change them with expensive alkaline or LiPo batteries anymore.

Setup: Easy install of the device over the Wi-Fi using any smartphone or PC. No need on the App installation. Easy Wi-Fi interface. All data is kept on your phone only

Web interfaces:

The gadget uses standard 2.4GHt Wi-Fi protocol and delivers measurement data over:

  • Telegram – the gadget send messages over Telegram messenger about low level or the soild moisture or other warning messages
  • ThingSpeak – web portal to view measurement data with history as graphs. It allows connection and scenarios setup with other devices and Web services like WhatsUp. User can view the measurement data using Apps for iOS and Android (ThingView for example)
  • HTTP URL – sends data to dedicated URL address for web-site counters, messages and other possible events. Integrates the device in the digital eco-system of the company and connects with other systems
  • MQTT - is dedicated IoT web interface for SmartHome and other IoT systems. It connects smart home devices together for number of different scenarios

Data visualization: user can see measurement graphs or get a messages using ThingSpeak Apps or Telegram as well as with customer solutions via HTTP or MQTT. See more info in the user guide.

User scenarios: HTTP, MQTT and ThingSpeak interfaces let realize new use scenarios with measurement results

Long life questions:

Galvanization and corrosion: The sensor using resistive measurement method, which usually have an corrosion issues, but the measurement tine is very short, what exclude this problem in practical use

Moisture protection: The device is protected from the external moisture with few protection levels

Sensor foot exchange: the sensor foot can be beaked out after the long use and exchanged with a new one in case of destroying

Cybersecurity: The sensor is not visible in the network the biggest part of time and it’s very difficult to discover it for hackers. It does not send the password directly. We still recommend to break and destroy the chip in the sensor before utilization to avoid the possible data leakage on the hardware level

Scalability: the gadget can be integrated in other systems via available protocols (MQTT, HTTP, TS), there are many third part services which can scale this system (check SmartHAB for example). One can use 3rd part watering and lighting systems supporting these protocols. The device can use our Smart Clock2.0 as a message system for local messages.

Support and services: Contact us for advanced use of the sensor or support


We are constantly developing our tools. Check our updates on the Web-page and in the social media.


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