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Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor

Digitalize your garden using this sensor, control the status of your plant's soil and get automatic notification about critical moisture levels. It simplifies the care about the flowers and keeps them healthy. The sensor makes creating a healthy environment an easy and funny task. This is the garden of the 21st century. 


Main advantages

  • Ready to use the device out of the box without additional hardware
  • Needs only Wi-Fi without additional hardware
  • Overwatering and underwatering issues solution
  • Calibration for different soil types
  • Deep measuring of moisture close to the roots 
  • Graphical visualization vs time (days, weeks, months)
  • Telegram Messages SMS from sensor
  • Decorated soil solution (with stones, shells, tree bark, etc).
  • Integration into existing SmartHome systems with MQTT and HTTP interfaces (for example OpenHAB, HomeAssist)
  • Saves money and environment due to rechargeable battery (up to 1-year operation with 1 charge)


More Info 

Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor v1.1
( Exkl. Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten )

Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor, Telegram SMS, Ready to use.
HTTP, MQTT, ThingSpeak visualization, and reaction support

Wi-Fi Soil-Moisture Sensor v1.2TP
( Exkl. Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten )

Smart Soil-Moisture Wi-Fi Sensor with support of the Telegram, HTTP, MQTT, ThingSpeak messages..
Plastic enclosure.
V1.2TP controls in addition:
- the environment temperature
- air-pressure
- using high-quality sensor from Bosch


Technical data:

Main features:

  • Interfaces: Telegram, ThingSpeak, MQTT, HTTP
  • Power supply: 5V, MicroUSB
  • Battery: rechargeable 300mAh
  • Messages after 1 charging: up to 1 year (for 1 measurement per day. It depends on the frequency of measurements and Wi-Fi strength
  • Password encryption
  • Calibration of the moisture level - adopt sensor to any soil type
  • Firmware update ability: Over-The Air-Update
  • Power consumption:
    • Stand-by mode: 150uA
    • Working mode: 80mA
  • Dimensions: 10x3.5x2cm
  • Interface- Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)

Applications and user cases:

  • Homes and offices plants
  • Greenhouse and atriums
  • Plants ground covered with decor - stones, seashells, glass
  • Real estate management 

Features description

Data visualization:  measurement graphs can be visualized on the ThingSpeak on the Web or using Apps also with HTTP or MQTT in OpenHAB or other IoT systems.


Setup: Easy install of the device over the Wi-Fi using any smartphone or PC.


  • Telegram - alarms customer with Telegram messages in case of a low or high level of moisture 
  • ThingSpeak - IoT portal visualizes data as graphs and defines scenarios with other devices and services (WhatsApp, etc). User can view the measurement data using Apps for iOS and Android (see ThingView as an example)
  • HTTP URL - sends data to the dedicated URL address. This let's integrate the device into the digital eco-system of the company or web-sites
  • MQTT - is a dedicated IoT web interface for IoT systems. It connects IoT devices for many different cases


  • The sensor is not visible in the network during the standby time
  • Password doesn't send over Wi-Fi
  • Sensitive data is encrypted in the storage

Scalability: the gadget can be integrated into other systems via available protocols (MQTT, HTTP, TS), many third-party services can scale this system (check SmartHAB for example). One can use 3rd part watering and lighting systems supporting these protocols


The sensor can be combined with IoT Clock2.0


Support and more info:

Documentation page

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