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S-Parameter Viewer V2.0 (Download)  New! Statistics, design goals and yield


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Wi-Fi Soil Moisture Sensor V2.0 with temperature measurement


München, March 2021

Component annotation script in the Cadence AWR 

Our new demo-script for AWR MWO shows the use of script in the Cadence RF design environment. The script adds the component annotation possibility in layout, which is important during the layout and production process, avoids mistakes in the assembly process.

This script demonstrates the automation services we provide to make a smooth design and production process. 


Find more and download: Component annotation in Cadence AWR

YouTube Video

München, September 2020

Our well-established S-parameter Analyzer (ranked at the top of the google and bing search) got two new features - measurement smoothing and shift vs x and y axes.

   The smoothing will remove the common measurement noises typical for many VNA and spectrum measurements at low magnitudes. The filter settings have a smooth window size and type (rectangular or triangle). This feature can be applied to many measurement tasks to improve the measurement quality and presentation.

  Y shift - used to introduce the attenuator compensation or curves comparison

  X shift - used to find out the frequency shift and compare response shapes of reflection and transmission of filters and other rf circuits


Find more, download: S-Parameter Analyzer

München, December 2018

"AN Generator" - the Application Note generator using AWR MWO API for Infineon Technologies AG (Neubiberg, Germany). Now Infineon Engineers can reduce the development time and fulfill the schedule requirement of the mobile communication market.

Article on the AWR MWO Web-page.


See also: DocGenerator for AWR MWO

AG RF Engineering designs RF & Microwave devices and systems for the next generation of telecommunications as well as IoT, and Industry 4.0 applications. Our concept is a strong EDA and model-based development. We are going from concept analysis to the system design, management of co-design challenges to the prototyping and production deployment, as well as scientific researches.


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